Corporate Roleplay Workshop – September 2014

Either September 4th or 25th

Workshop places limited, please email to register your interest.


‘This course is a great introduction to the world of corporate acting – full of valuable inside information on the industry and plenty of practical, education exercises too.’ Paul, East 15 graduating student

Did you know that ONE THIRD of all money earned from ACTING in the UK is earned from CORPORATE ROLEPLAY?

Benefits of Corporate Acting work include:
· Flexibility to fit around auditions and evening theatre jobs
· Travel throughout the UK and abroad
· Average between £200-£300 per day
· Use your improvisational and scripted acting skills
· Work with other actors, directors and writers

‘Mike is a guru. Knows how to do it because he has done it and been there and got the t-shirt’ Steve, actor, London

Learn the skills, techniques and tips required to get you started in this substantial line of work. I’m a jobbing actor with more than ten years experience in corporate acting. My 3 hour workshop which will prepare you, train you and give you valuable information on who to approach for this kind of work and how to approach them based on my sound knowledge of working for many different roleplay and training companies.

‘How to do a CV, great practical info about Corprate Roleplay and whats needed. Covered everything I could think of’ Sophie, actor, London

The workshop will include:

  • how to perform an effective roleplay
  • how to give roleplay feedback
  • how to do ‘Forum Theatre’
  • how to present yourself to the corporate market
  • how to get the work
  • a face-to-face Q&A session with a leading roleplay company Managing Director

Please click on the ‘About the Workshop Leader’ tab above to see more details about Mike Sengelow.



Or fill in the form below to register your interest in attending the workshop.


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