Here are some more of the comments from previous workshop attendees:

‘Taught me the importance of corporate roleplay work for and actor and that it is part of a ‘holistic’ approach to being an actor, not just something on the side’ Steve, actor, London

‘Very informative, incredibly useful and presented in a fun and friendly way’ Guy, actor, Brighton

‘Really clear interesting aspects on the basics of what to expect in Corporate Roleplay Acting’ Faith, actor, London

‘Very thorough. You came out with a method and approach to working in the corporate world’ Steve, actor, London

‘Clear, well organised and lots of lots of content. Industry information very valuable’ Paul, East 15 student

‘I feel confident I can apply and undertake a job in the corporate field’ Faith, actor, London

‘Gave us a huge insight into what corporate roleplay is about, what it entails and all the basic, good knowledge needed’ Franca, Goldmsiths student

‘Straight to the point with lots of useful information – and fun’ Nicole, Goldmsiths student

‘Mike was very open and clear in his teaching. Took time to cover peoples’ questions but kept the workshop moving at a good pace’ Toby, actor, London

‘This is not just valuable in getting roleplay work but it can also improve your acting by keeping you responsive and relaxed’ Steve, actor, London

‘Particularly valuable to those with little or no business background and still very informative for an old-hand like me’ Paul, East 15 Student



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